How to Take Beautiful Photos for Instagram

Trying to take better pictures for your social media accounts?

Do any of these sound familiar? 
 You know you that quality images will enhance your business' brand
 Your photos look good... but you know they could be better
 You're not sure how to edit your photos quickly and easily
 You want a quick and easy way to take beautiful photos without stressing about how to do it
If you answered yes to any of these, keep reading, because this course is specifically for you.
I will show you exactly how to take beautiful photos for Instagram (and other social media platforms) with your phone... without spending money on expensive gear.
Who is this Course For?
This course is for you if:
  You want to post quality photos that will attract others to your business
  You don't want to figure it all out yourself
  You want to discover how to take beautiful photos easily with your phone
  You want to learn simple tips to shoot high quality images for your business

Introducing The Course...

This is a short online training, designed to teach you the simple secrets of taking beautiful photos for your social media accounts.

In 5 short videos you'll learn exactly how easy it is to take beautiful photos on your phone that you can use in your business to enhance your brand.

What You'll Learn

Video 1: Before You Get Started

 Settings To Use
 Back Camera vs Front Camera
 Know Your Branding Palette
Before You Get Started
Types of Photos To Take

Video 2: Types of Photos To Take

 Portraits, Candids & Selfies
 Products, Food & Flat Lays
 Behind The Scenes

Video 3: Composition Tips

 Rule of Thirds & Negative Space
 Best Angles to Shoot From
 Using Props
Composition Tips
Exposure & LIghting Tips

Video 4: Exposure & Lighting Tips

 Best Times to Shoot
 What is Exposure

Video 5: Editing & Post Production Tips

 Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
 Phone Editing & Instagram Filters
Editing & Post Production Tips
What's The Investment?

Just $47 Aussie dollars!

And you'll have lifetime access to this course, with a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't find it valuable, with no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose!

Just AUD$47