Your Essential Toolkit
For Hiring A Great Video Editor
4 simple templates that will make it easy to find and hire a great video editor - at affordable rates - to produce amazing videos for your business.
Video editing is an art... and it takes years to master.
If you don't have the time, patience or desire to edit videos yourself, then consider hiring someone with experience to edit videos for you.
Does this sound familiar?
 You may have attempted video editing yourself, spent way too much time on it, neglected other tasks you were supposed to do (because you went down the editing rabbit hole), and realised there's a lot more involved to editing than you initially thought.
 You may have had an experience hiring a video editor and ended up feeling disappointed, with a video you paid too much for, you're not totally happy with the final result, or that's not on brand with who you are.
 You may have tried to hire someone online who then ghosted you midway through the project! How frustrating! Unfortunately it does happen from time to time, and ghosting isn't just an online dating thing.
I've been there and gone through all that.
For the last decade I've hired (and fired!) many video editors from all over the world.
I've gone through the ghosting, the sub-par editors, the ones that charge way too much, the ones who totally go on their own tangent and don't follow the brief... and spent thousands of dollars on perfecting my hiring experiences over the years.
Now I've taken the last 10 years of learning and put it into a toolkit of 4 simple templates that will give you exactly what you need to find and hire a great video editor the first time round.

The toolkit is perfect for business owners who are currently creating video content to grow their business.

The toolkit includes:
 Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to hire video editors on Upwork
 A video editor Job Description template you can just fill in with your details, then copy and paste so the applicants know exactly what to expect when working with you
 The exact interview questions to ask before hiring a video editor, so that you can gauge who will be the best fit for your project
 A 'Fill-In-The-Blanks' Video Editor's Brief so you can ensure great communication throughout the project, while working with your new editor
These templates will take the mystery out of finding and hiring a great video editor
Instead of wasting time (and money) hiring and testing multiple video editors before finding the right one, this toolkit will help you find the right editor quickly and efficiently, giving you confidence that the person you're hiring will be a successful member of your team. 
A great video editor is key to producing more content and have videos that are completely finished and ready to post online to promote your business.
If you're ready to hire a great editor for your business,
then access the toolkit now for just AUD$47
Joyce is an international photographer, video producer, best-selling author and educator.

When she's not working with her industry leaders such as Virgin Unite, Johnson & Johnson, OzHarvest and Sony Music, Joyce is passionate about wildlife and has filmed documentaries in Africa. Joyce also enjoys running workshops around Australia and online, to share her skills with others.