Trying to grow your business with video?
Do any of these sound familiar? 
 You feel frustrated and overwhelmed trying to create your own videos
 It's too expensive at the moment to hire a professional to do it all FOR you
 You wish there was an easy way to create videos without stress
 You've tried to figure it out but haven't been happy with the results you're getting
If you answered yes to any of these, keep reading, because this course is specifically for you.
I will show you exactly how to create amazing videos on your phone... without spending money on expensive gear.
This course is for you if:
  You want to create video content that will help grow your business 
  You are tired of trying to figure it all out yourself
  You want to discover how to create video content quickly and easily with your phone
  You want to learn the fastest way to shoot high quality content for your business

Introducing "Just Shot On My Phone"

Just Shot On My Phone is an online training designed to teach you the secrets of using the camera on your phone to create beautiful video content for your business.
In 4 short videos you'll learn exactly how easy it is to create great videos on your phone. 
Module 1: Equipment
 What You Need To Get Started
 Good, better and best: set ups to suit every budget
 Accessories to enhance your filming experience
Module 2: Setting Up
 Framing, angles and the best positions to make you look schmick!
 Backgrounds, angles and what to look out for
Module 3: Shooting
 Presenting tips to make you look like a pro
 Easy to use apps to enhance your performance
Module 4: Upload
 How to get those video files off your phone, and onto the internet!
 Best practices to store, organise and name your files
"Making videos is not as hard as I thought!"
- Danielle
"It's going to be really applicable for my marketing."
- Kimi
"There are so many accessories you can purchase for your mobile phone that can really turn it into a strong marketing tool."
- Jeff
"Loved all the different tips about backgrounds."
- Luke
Here is a recap of what you'll be getting in Just Shot On My Phone. In 4 short videos, you'll learn:
  Exactly what equipment you need to get started, even on a limited budget 
  The accessories available to enhance your filming experience
  The best angles, framing and presenting tips to help you look pro
  All about different backgrounds and what to look out for
  Easy to use apps to enhance your performance on camera
  How to get the files off your phone and onto the internet
  Best practices for storing, organising and naming your files for video editing
The value of this course is in the hundreds of dollars. Once you know the exact steps to creating beautiful videos for your business, you'll be able to create content that will eventually generate incredible value in the forms of leads, sales and clients to your business. 
It's not going to be $500.
It's not even going to be $250.
I want to make sure this online training is affordable and easily accessible to all business owners out there who want to create videos for their business, which is why it's just $47.
Australian dollars too.
Just $47 Aussie dollars!
And you'll have lifetime access to this course, with a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't find it valuable, with no questions asked. 
You have nothing to lose!
Just AUD$47